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-Neil Gaiman


Friday, March 4, 2011


Oooo, yes!  More Charlie Sheen news.

There is a new word floating around the internets.  Sheen.  That, actually, is not a new word.  It normally means something like: healthy, glossy appearance. 

As in:  Your hair has a wonderful sheen today.  What conditioner are you using?

But now sheen has become a verb.  To Sheen.  I am sheening.

Example:  Last night, I sheened so hard I woke up in a construction site portapotty with only an empty Taco Bell bag and two different colored socks.  Weird!

Translation:  To behave so outrageously you have to be a celebrity to get away with it.  Or have tiger blood.

It's kind of like those old Spoonerisms.  I loved those words.  My favorite all-time Spoonerism is the word:


Definition:  Coming back to life as a hillbilly.

I love English!

It's Friday, and that's all I got.  I was trying to think of something funny that happened, or even mildly amusing, but no, only making fun of a celebrity who, all bets aside, will probably be making the news again when his pale, bloated corpse is found in a fancy hotel bathtub by housekeeping.  That's the thing about housekeeping, you never know what crazy ass shit your going to find doing that job.  Now, that's a book I would read.  You could title it something like, "Do Not Disturb... Too late, I already am!" 

Somebody should get on that.

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