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Friday, March 11, 2011

16 months

Dear Sena,

Last Tuesday you turned 16 months old, and as a result of being such a "big girl" you have been doing all kinds of new things.

Things like:

Hugging and kissing Junebug (which surprisingly she doesn't seem to mind - even when you come at her with your drool and booger crusted face)

Clapping your hands.  It seemed like it took forever for you to do this, but now you do it with gusto.  Clapping when you dance.  Clapping when I tickle you.  Clapping after your diaper change.  Clapping after you whacked me in the head with a giant Lego.  Yaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!

Going backwards and sideways.  For some reason walking normal isn't just as cool as it used to be.  Now you like to lay on your stomach and scooch backwards like a directionally challenged hermit crab.

Climbing on the sofa.  Already I have saved you three times from rolling off and hitting the floor, and saving you from another screaming fit.  Yeah, you're welcome.

Speaking of screaming fits, Sena, you are getting pretty good at them.  Like you did yesterday after I made the mistake of giving you a chocolate chip cookie to eat.  You ate that cookie like it was the last one on Earth, the last one in the universe, and when I wouldn't give you another one you screamed horribly, running into the kitchen and pointing at the plastic container all the while shrieking in your unintelligible chimpanzee-like fury.  The meaning, of course, needed no translation.

I tried to hide them, but of course that didn't work.  After a few minutes of klaxon-like wailing and snot (oh, the snot factory that is your face) I caved.  A little.  I gave you a bowl full of blueberries to shut you up.  Yes, I'm not proud of that, but yes, it did work.

But mostly, little Sena, you are a pretty good girl.  I keep waiting for the day when you won't eat your dinner, but that hasn't happened.  You love food!  The other day you even ate sauteed kale.  Kale!  Yesterday you ate beets and loved them.  I tried beets for the first time in my life and decided that they were pretty good, too.  I think most things are pretty good when you add butter and salt. 

Pretty soon this awful winter will be over and we can finally- Finally! go outside and enjoy it.  And I'm pretty sure you will have fun "helping" me plant flowers and vegetables in the garden.  You are growing and growing like a little weed.  A beautiful, wonderful, hilarious weed.

I love you.

Love, Mommy

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