You can know anything. It's all there. You just have to find it.

-Neil Gaiman


Friday, May 9, 2008

Benny Hill and Genesis

I was just listening to an old Genesis song, called "Anything She Does". It's from the Invisible Touch album (fantastic) and I remember my brother pretty much had all the Genesis tapes and practically wore this one out from how much he played it. I kept listening to the song and wondering what the heck Phil Collins was talking about.
Of course I Google it.
It is an homage to the girly magazines, and then I find the video...
I actually remember WATCHING this video when I was a kid, I thought it was super cool even though it looks kind of cheesy now. I especially like the part where Phil is playing the drums and starts banging on the hanging light. Totally awesome.
But the best part? Benny Hill is in it!

I used to watch Benny Hill when I was waaaaayyy too young to be watching it. My Gramma Betty, who was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland, thought Benny Hill was "brilliant" television and would let us watch it when we visited her. Same with Monty Python shows. I remember thinking something was naughty and not right when fat old Benny would chase around ladies in their bikinis with that moronic look on his face. We would laugh because my Grandma was laughing, but I missed a lot of the jokes. Now I realize how perverted it was. Maybe that's why my sense of humor now is so demented.

Now I want to get the Benny Hill theme song for my ringtone but I'm too slow to figure out how to do it. Everyone has ringtones but me. My dad has the 007 theme. Even my mother-in-law has one. It's "Superfreak" by Rick James. Go think on that one. I don't think she knows what THAT song is about...

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