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-Neil Gaiman


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Early Childhood Education

Yesterday morning I took Sena for a visit to her "new" school.  Starting next week she will be going to Montessori on the days I go to work.

No more days of in-home daycare or shuttling her forth back to Grandma and Poppa's house - my little one is ready for preschool.

Honestly, I had been sort of anxious about this.  Okay, really anxious.  But I heard about this school from another parent in a class we took last year, and I figure if it's good enough for a doctor's kid, it's good enough for mine.  (That's how I do my research, folks!  I let other people do it for me - it sure saves a lot of time.)

Anyway, I never went to Montessori.  At first, I didn't know what it was (sounded contagious) or even how to pronounce it.  I called it mon-TESS-ory, that's what a Philistine I was.

But then I learned some stuff.  About the teaching philosophy.  I thought, "Hmmm...I probably would've liked that kind of thing."

Then I took Sena there and thought, "Yeah, I really would've liked this kind of thing."

So yesterday we visited for an hour.  At first, Sena clung to me like a barnacle.  She wanted to see everything in the room, but I had to hold her hand or sit by her the entire time.  If anyone looked at her or said, "Hello, Sena!" she just looked away.

Oh, my special little introvert.  I completely understand.

Eventually she saw a little girl at a table, working on a big wooden alphabet animal puzzle.  She sat down next to her and looked at me.  "Sit by me, Mommy."


The other little girl said, "I'm Lucy. I'm four.  What's her name?"

"Her name is Sena."

"Okay."  Lucy nodded and grabbed a wooden yak.

Lucy had ridiculously awesome curly hair.  She was wearing a jumper and totally inappropriate big rubber boots.  She reminded me of someone.  Another person who's name was Lucy.

I decided I really liked Lucy.  Honestly, I never met a Lucy I didn't like.

Anyway, after about an hour Sena was running around and playing ball and didn't want to leave.

That's right.  My shy little flower didn't want to go.

I said, "That's okay, we will come back on Thursday to visit again before you start next week."

"But I want to stay."

"We are going to go to the beach this afternoon."

"I don't want to go to the beach!  I want to go to school!"

Okay, who says that?  EVER?

Total Nerds, that's who.

My little nerd... At least she has good taste in lunch boxes.  We walked down the Target row and my little nerd passed up all those pink princess and hello kitties and zoomed in on the most awesome lunch box in the world.

"Why did you pick that one, honey?"

"Because it's monsters!  And monsters are scary!"

Okay, I guess you are a cool nerd.

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