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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Somebody needs to set up a task force for this

In downtown Minneapolis we have a Mary Tyler Moore statue. 
In St. Paul there are all kinds of Peanuts (Snoopy) statues because of Charles Schulz.

But this is the best mofo statue idea ever.  EVER!!!

Unfortunately, Mayor Dave says they have no plans for this.  But they should - they really, really should.

Somebody needs to set up a task force for it.  The people of Detroit should demand it, set up a referendum or some shit because I don't understand how politics work (because THEY don't really want you to understand, I know that much!)  But really, they should get one.

@MT There are not any plans to erect a statue to Robocop. Thank you for the suggestion.

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If you saw that sort of artistic Chevy commercial about Detroit during the superbowl, you can understand that instead of Eminem driving around with his "I'm either super pissed off or really constipated and I haven't been able to poo for two days" face, it would have been a whole lot cooler to have Robocop driving the Chevy around the streets of Detroit.

Then, at the end, Robocop could jump out of the new Chevy and shoot a rocket launcher at the Toyota Prius or Ford Focus or ALL of them and then while the back screen is showing the burning deitrus of uncool compact cars, he could turn around and say to the camera in his super cool robot voice, "This is Detroit, muthafuckas!"

I would totally buy a Chevy then.  They could have a special Robocop edition car where the GPS system uses his voice! 

I just thought of that.

Why doesn't anyone appreciate* my creative genius?

*= give me lots of money


Christina Rodriguez said...

Honestly, I believe a Robocop statue would herald a complete rejuvenation of Detroit as we know it. It's just something I know, an undeniable feeling of certainty.

Melinda Braun said...

I completely agree!