You can know anything. It's all there. You just have to find it.

-Neil Gaiman


Friday, December 3, 2010

For those who want to fly

Saw this video on Dooce and had to share.

I grew up skiing and quite frankly, if you can ski the Midwestern slopes of sleet and glare ice, you can ski anywhere.

I've also had the great fortune of having skied the mountains of Colorado.

Because as a kid I'd always looked at the birds with great jealously, for their ability to fly. And some days I still look up at them streaking off into the sun and think, "I wish I could do that!"

I think that's why downhill skiing was invented. To not be jealous of the birds.

And this video reminds me I want to go flying again soon.

[scattered flurries] from felt soul media on Vimeo.

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Susan said...

Wow...that was amazing.