You can know anything. It's all there. You just have to find it.

-Neil Gaiman


Monday, October 11, 2010

Role Models

Dinner conversation a few days ago:

Me: Sena, do you want a cookie?

Sena: Gaaeeepadoogoo!

Me: Okay, here you go.

I break little Crunchin' Graham Honey sticks into bite-sized pieces. I look at the box, by Nature's Best. They're organic (Yeah!) and I examine the ingredients. I start to recite the ingredients to Sena, who couldn't care less.

Me: And look! It has Elmo on it!

I turn the box and point it out to her.

Me: Elmo's a total pussy.

Matt (choking): What?????

Me: Well, he is!

Matt: You can't say that!

Me: Well, now I can. But later I probably shouldn't.

I add this to the increasing list of things I shouldn't do in front of my daughter. Like burping and farting, and generally being a disgusting person.

Matt: Elmo's a pussy?

Me: Yeah, you ever listen to him? Total pussy. We didn't have such pussy Muppets back in the day.

Matt: Ernie was a pussy.

Me: Ernie was annoying. Bert was anal-retentive. Wait, Grover WAS a pussy, though. Yep, Grover.

Matt: You know who the biggest pussy of all was?

Me: Who?

Matt: Big Bird. God, I couldn't stand him.

Me: Yeah, that whole Snuffleapagus thing pissed me off. (He always disappears right when the kids come back and no one believes Big Bird that he's real)

Matt: I mean, he didn't move that fast!

Me: Yeah! He was a woolly mammoth! Huge!

Matt: Stupid.

I look at Sena and realize that we are having one of the dumbest conversations in the history of dumb conversations.

Because that's what we do here in this house.

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Susan said...

There will be many more dumb conversations just like that in the future..that's what parents do! By the way,
your favorite was Cookie Monster.