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-Neil Gaiman


Wednesday, October 20, 2010


So last Sunday I was at my sister-in-laws for dinner. But before dinner there was entertainment. As in, provide the entertainment for my four-year old nephew, Jack.

This I can do.

Mainly because I can draw stuff. And I don't need to draw very well to impress a preschooler. But at first I didn't do so well....

Outside with sidewalk chalk

Jack: Draw a Pterodactyl.

Me: Okay.

I think for a minute, trying to remember what they look like.

Me: Um, do you have a picture of one?

Jack: No. Draw it here. (Points to a small patch of concrete)

Me: Uh, what color?

Jack: Green.

I start drawing. But something is wrong. It looks like a pelican. An ugly pelican.

Me: That doesn't look right.

Jack: It looks like a bird.

Me: Does it have a horn somewhere?

I add a horn on it's head. A horny pelican. Hah!

Jack: No.

I go back in, defeated. But Jack isn't done. He has a dinosaur book, thankfully, so I can look at the pictures, and he brings me a notebook and crayons.

Jack: Draw this one.

Me: Okay.

It's a diceiomimious or something, but I can draw it using the picture. I finish and ask for the black crayon.

Jack: There's no black on it.

He's right. It's yellow, blue, and orange.

Me: I know, but I'll use it for an outline.

Jack: Huh?

Me: So you can see it better. See, the yellow doesn't show up well. That's why you outline it with a darker color.

I try to explain how edges are darker and shadows and depth and shading and I realize that to him I probably sound like a schizo explaining the Kennedy assassination. I make no sense!

Jack: There's not an outline in the picture.

Me: Okay. There.

My dinosaur looks okay. And Jack agrees. Then he turns the page.

Jack: You have to draw six more dinosaurs.

Me: Six?

Jack: Yes, and you have sixteen minutes to finish.

Me: What?

Jack: I'm counting...starting now.

Me (wondering if he knows how long 16 minutes is): Well, these are going to be ugly dinosaurs...

I manage to draw three before he's bored and leaves the room. But then I'm getting into it. I could just sit there and draw dinosaurs for a while with my crayons. But then it's dinnertime.

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Susan said...

Oh...that was so funny! I could just picture you and Jack drawing with the chalk. Bet you can hardly wait until Sena and you can sit down at the table and draw
all kinds of things...(unicorns, horses, rainbows,
my little ponies - those were your favorites)