You can know anything. It's all there. You just have to find it.

-Neil Gaiman


Monday, August 23, 2010

Nodine, MN


Matt: We need gas.

Mindy (points at sign): There's a Kwik Trip ahead.

Matt: Not for 14 miles.

Mindy (looks at gas gauge): So. It's not even on E yet.

Matt: What if we run out?

Mindy: We should have at least a gallon left. We can make it to Kwik Trip.

Matt sees a small blue GAS sign and pulls off at the next exit: I'm gonna stop.

Mindy: Where's the station? You don't know how far it is?

Matt drives off the highway and gets on a road to nowhere.

Mindy thinks: Why does no one listen to me?

Mindy says: Why didn't you get gas in Rochester.

No one answers.

Drive along frontage road and pass farms and farmers and livestock.

Mindy (pointing at man mowing his lawn with a giant John Deere): I bet that guy has gas.

Mindy looks down and realizes she's wearing sandals and not running shoes and wonders how long it will take to lug a gallon of gas from 5 miles away.

Matt finally pulls up to a service station with two gas pumps out front, circa 1955. It looks like a forelorn scene from an Edward Hopper painting. Except crummier.

Edward Hopper


It looked very much like this, except it read: No out of town checks. Cash only.

The place was locked and deserted, even though it said it was open until noon.

Mindy (wondering when the zombies were going to attack because that's what the scene looked like): See! This is how people run out of gas! Or get eaten by zombies. Never get off the highway! Why doesn't anyone listen to me?

Matt: It says Nodine is ahead 7 miles.

Mindy: Yeah, where the Kwik Trip is.

They get back in the car and start driving. Amazingly, they make it to Kwik Trip.

Matt (sounding surprised): Hey, it's right OFF the highway!

Mindy: Yeah, that's the point. That's why it's a Kwik Trip.

Sena slept through the close-call and we made it to Onalaska more or less intact. More pictures to come of our weekend visit to come. Plus, Sena meets her cousin Lilah for the first time.

Stay Tuned.

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