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-Neil Gaiman


Saturday, July 10, 2010

8 Months

Dear Baby Sena,

Last Thursday you turned 8 months old. And I sit here wondering what to write about. Should I write about the new things you do? You finally rolled over. I guess you just got frustrated enough and decided, "Here I go!" And with a grunt you did it. I was so proud of you, clapping and cheering, that it was downright ridiculous. But you just laughed and smiled.

You also like to hoot like a monkey. It's one of your new sounds. You also are obsessed with those Gerber puffs -- you love to feed yourself now. Pretty soon you will be grabbing the spoon away and dumping your bowl of yogurt on your head. I can already see that happening.

I'm getting better about running errands with you. Before I was a little intimidated to go out alone without any help, but you love to go out and see everything. And of course, every time and every place we go someone always stops and exclaims how adorable you are.

It feels like I'm finally getting used to having a baby, and that things are getting easier. Getting calmer. I'm getting calmer, even though I still worry all the time and wake up in the middle of the night if I hear you make a squeak. I suppose I will always do that because now I know you are forever. You are my baby forever. And I will be your mommy forever. Even when you are 16 and acting like a snotty turd because I won't let you stay out past 10, you will still be my baby.

A few weeks ago you went swimming for the first time and you loved it, Baby Sena. It makes me wonder what kind of sports you will like. Your daddy is convinced you will be a golfer, while I am already picking out your first soccer ball and tiny cleats. But whatever you want to try will be fine with me, Baby Sena. Even if it's curling... Well, maybe not curling.

Most of all, I want you to want to try new things. Playing the piano, broccoli, speaking French, taking road trips and stopping to see ridiculous attractions like the largest ball of twine. Hula-hooping and making sand castles and catching lightning bugs. There's lots of stuff to do, Baby Sena. Lots of stuff to see.

And I can't wait to see it all with you.

I love you.


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Susan said...

I can't believe that little darling girl is 8 months old already. Writing the letters to her each month is so sweet; she will treasure those in the future.
You are an awesome Mommy!