You can know anything. It's all there. You just have to find it.

-Neil Gaiman


Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Up here in the tundra we've been having the most amazing spring that anyone can remember. The lilacs are about a month ahead of schedule, and I was so bold as to plant my window box already. In this area, that is known as Tempting Fate. However, I used pansies, primula, and some mums. Plus I filled it in with plants I already had coming up: creeping jenny and lamium. The Scottish cheapskate side of me was thrilled at my frugal ingenuity.

Here are some photos. More to come as the lilacs and peonies open up.

Plus a photo of my Tuesday/Thursday morning coffee klatch group.

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Christina Rodriguez said...

Awwww, I love the photo of Sena with your cat! Looks like they're good friends already.