You can know anything. It's all there. You just have to find it.

-Neil Gaiman


Wednesday, March 17, 2010


It's finally starting to feel like spring around here.

The snow is gone. The tulips are popping up through the soil. And you really know it's spring when the Jehovah's Witnesses come knocking.

They arrived last Saturday morning.

I was just heading out the door with Sena in her baby Bjorn carrier, though it's not a baby Bjorn. It's a cheap, knockoff baby Bjorn carrier called a Snugli.

Not to be confused with a Snuggy. If you have older brothers then you know what they are. If you don't, have a couple beers with friends and then ask. Some guy will invariably offer to give you one.

Snuggies are just as bad as Wedgies. Maybe worse.

So Sena is happily sitting in her Snugli while the Witness accosts me. Actually, she was quite nice. Probably because I had a supremely cute baby strapped to my chest.

Conversation that follows:

JW: Who is this cute little one?
Me: baby.
JW: Does he have a name?
Me: Her name is Sena.
JW: Tina!
Me: Sena.
JW: Xena!

I don't bother to correct her. From now on I will think: Sena....warrior princess.

Jehovah Witness lady hands me a flyer and wants me to come to her church. Because I'm no longer quite as obnoxious as I used to be, I thank her and meander on my way.

I don't say what I would have said as a sixteen year-old, which is something like, "Sorry, I already go to church...THE CHURCH OF SATAN!"

And today, Matt brought in Sena to my office so all my co-workers could get a good look. And frighten the college kids to not be having any unprotected sex.

Because she screamed. SCREAMED!

And then she promptly crapped her pants. It smelled really nice.

Then she screamed some more....

Thanks, baby, for making me look awesome.

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Christina Rodriguez said...

She was Sena, a mighty princess, forged in the heat of battle....
The power... the passion... the danger....
Her courage will change the world!