You can know anything. It's all there. You just have to find it.

-Neil Gaiman


Monday, October 12, 2009

Hot Fuzz and Cold Nights

"Minneapolis 911, what is your emergency?"
"Um yeah... Uh, there's some drug dealing going on. Outside my house."
"What is your address?"
"XXXX Avenue."
"What is happening?"
"Well, um, yeah, there's this guy. In a Black Chevy Blazer. And yeah, he's definitely dealing drugs. Another car pulled up, went over, did their thing, then he drove off."
"What is happening right now."
"He's just sitting in the car. The engine's running. Looks like he's waiting for more customers. I can't see the license plate."
"How many people in the car."
"I don't know. The windows are tinted dark. I can't see in."
"Where is he parked."
"Directly outside my house, on the other side of the street."
"Okay, we'll send a car."
"Okay, thank you."

Matt: It think it's a Chevy Tacoma.
Me: It looks like it says 'Blazer'.

We are both peering out of the window, but we don't want the drug dealer to see us.

"I wanna see some shit go down!"
"Yeah, I wonder what's going to happen. Should be close; cops always hang out at that coffee shop on the corner."

A few minutes later a patrol comes down the street. He passes the Black Chevy. I watch from the living room. Matt goes into the bedroom.
"Where did the cop go?" I ask.
"He's sitting at the stop sign. Idling."
"Ooooo, wonder what Mr. Druggie's thinking?"
"The cop is turning right."

The cop goes around the block and makes another pass. I don't know what they are allowed to do. I think they are trying to bait him; to see where he goes. It's like watching some game of psychological Chicken.

After the second pass and the cop car turns again, the guy opens up the car door, like he's getting out.
"Is he tossing something?"
"I don't see anything."
He gets back in and backs up down to the stop sign. At the stop sign he turns around and then takes off up the street.
A few minutes later the cop is back, but the guy is gone. I have an urge to run out the door and yell, "Hey Po-Po! They went north!"

We then get ready to leave to go to the block party down the street. We walk outside.
"Hey, should we go check and see if he threw anything in the street."
"Like what?"
"I don't know. Maybe a baggie of crack!"
We head down the sidewalk and see another cop car pull up. Two officers get out.
I walk over, "Hey, I think I just called you guys."
"You called about the threat?"
"Huh? NO. I called about the drug dealer."
"Oh,yeah I think I heard that on the dispatch."

Apparently, these guys are on a completely different call. Something about threats. THREATS? They knock on a neighbor's door but Matt and I decide not to stick around. We have a shrimp boil and block party to go to. We shuffle down the street; I'm carrying my orange pumpkin cookies.

"Man, our street is hoppin' tonight."
Matt nods. "It's Saturday night, baby."

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