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-Neil Gaiman


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

35 1/2 weeks

These pictures were taken a few weeks ago, but I have not gotten around to posting until now. The nursery is about finished and I plan on taking pictures of that as well.

Until then, enjoy the giant belly.

I'm getting to the point where it is no longer cute and funny. It is just cumbersome and giving me heartburn. At my last doctor visit it was confirmed she was head down and about 5 lbs. 6 oz., give or take. I went in for an ultrasound because the doctor thought I was measuring small at 35 weeks. It was more difficult to see her on the screen because she's packed in their pretty good, but the tech did get a picture of her face as she turned her head and looked at the camera.

Say Cheese.

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Anonymous said...

Not much longer now! You look great, by the way.