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-Neil Gaiman


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Let Them Eat KaKa

One of the other things I picked up at IKEA last weekend was lingonberries, though it is also possible to find them in some of the better grocery stores. Even Target carries them.

I grew up eating lingonberries on thin Swedish pancakes. Lately, I've taken to putting them on vanilla ice cream with toasted walnuts. In the morning I top an English muffin with cream cheese and more lingonberries. I've always liked them because they're not too sweet, there is a little sour kick to them, kind of like cranberries.

As I bought my berries I was looking at the other food they had. And I found something called Blabarskaka. BLABARSKAKA! With a name like that I had to buy it. It translates to "Blueberry cake".

My dad called thought Blabarskaka meant, "Boogers and Shit".

Well, the BoogerShit cake turned out to be pretty good.

And my mom found this funny Swedish show called Leila Bakar, which probably means, Leila Bakes. Or something. In the video she makes a banankaka, and even though it is in Swedish you can kind of figure out how to make it. It looks a lot like a recipe for banana bread, but baked into a spring form pan.

If you want to make Banankaka, or just practice your Uff-dahs, watch this.

Although whenever I think of Swedish cooking, I can only think of one specific person. And he's not even real.

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