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-Neil Gaiman


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Electric Feel

Well, with T-day tomorrow and the approximate 10,000 calories I plan to consume in the space of an hour, I figure that today I will subsist on a diet of banana, apples, and water. Maybe a piece of cheese.

Did you know a slice of pecan pie has 400 calories?

A glass a wine has about 200, though with the way I pour them, it's probably more like 350.

So what's a glutton to do to not gain 5 lbs. in one day?


And by exercise, I mean dance. Boogie. Shake yer groove thang. Bust a move.

Here's a song that's pretty much impossible not to wiggle around to. Electric Feel by MGMT. It reminds me of a mix of Rolling Stones, Prince, and some weird Fraggle Rock puppet song... maybe it's the funky flutes, but I love the video they made for it. Unfortunately you will have to click the link because I couldn't embed it.

I remember as a high school student going to keggers in the woods, but the parties were never THIS good. Damn...

The best part about this is the Rock-fire Explosion band. Remember the crazy place that is Chuck E. Cheese? I remember going there for birthday parties and watching these guys. The Gorilla in the tuxedo jacket playing the keyboards was always my favorite.

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