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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ray Liotta and the Dalai Lama

One of the fun things about traveling is airports. I know most people dread this part of the trip (for good reason), but I've always found airports fascinating. All these people coming and going across the world and you just never know what or who you might see. I can understand that people who travel regularly for business hate it, but I only travel for fun so I use it as an excuse to buy thick, glossy magazines in the airport bookstores, shop in the duty free, and eat a McGriddle from McDonalds. Those things are disturbingly tasty.

When Matt worked at the airport as a customer service agent he was always doing something different, working different flights and interacting with all kinds of people. This included celebrities. Matt is not the type of person to get all excited about that, except for the time the Dalai Lama was at his gate to board a flight for Salt Lake City, and Matt was determined to meet this holy man.

"Wasn't he surrounded by a bunch of people?" I asked him.
"Yeah, bunch of guys."
"How'd you know it was him?"
"He was wearing his Dalai Lama dress."
"I think it's a robe."
"How did you get to him?"
"I just walked up to him and stuck out my hand so he would shake it. I had to touch him."
"Duh, cuz if you touch him then you're blessed."
"Yeah, I'm blessed, baby!"
"When does it wear off?"
"Never!" He starts laughing because he is so pleased with himself.
I hug him. "Give me your powers."
"It doesn't work that way, silly."

Ah yes, I'M silly.

The other good celebrity airport story is about Ray Liotta. Ray Liotta is cool. Not only is he a great actor, he just kinda seems like a badass. Matt was working a flight to Milwaukee and sees that Ray Liotta is sitting by his desk near the window. He checks the flight manifest and sees that, yes indeed, it's Ray Liotta.
Then a woman comes over to Matt's desk.
"Is that Ray Liotta?" she whispers.
"Yes," says Matt.
"Can you get his autograph for me?"
Matt stares blankly at her. "No."
"If you want it, ask him yourself."
Apparently this woman is too shy to go up to Ray Liotta. She thinks about her options.
"I will buy you a coffee if you do it."
"Make it a mocha," says Matt.
She leaves and then comes back with his Starbucks mocha.
"Here, give him this to write on." She gives him a napkin.

My husband walks over to Ray Liotta.
"Excuse me, Mr. Liotta."
"Umm, some chick wants your autograph. Could you sign this?"
Ray Liotta barely blinks and scribbles his name down.
"Thank you, sir."
"You're welcome," says Ray Liotta.

"Why was Ray Liotta going to Milwaukee?" I ask Matt after he tells me the story.
"I have no idea."
"So what did he look like?"
"Kinda rough looking."
"Well, that's Ray Liotta."

Now every time we see a movie with Ray Liotta in it, Matt says, "Hey, there's my good friend Ray!"

So I have to include this awesome clip from Goodfellas, one of the best mob movies besides the Godfather. This clip is impressive because it's one long continuous tracking shot. Film nerds will appreciate it.

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