You can know anything. It's all there. You just have to find it.

-Neil Gaiman


Monday, April 28, 2014

The Surreal Life

A few weeks ago (April 10) I was standing in my kitchen, in my pajamas, drinking weak lukewarm coffee and listening to my daughter laughing at an episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog (which I later find out is not really appropriate for a 4 year old to watch) when my phone buzzed.

It jittered on the counter.  An email.

And it wasn't Living Social ad or a Real Simple blurb.

It was from my agent.

I looked at it and instinctively said, "Shit."

Not because I don't like hearing from my agent.  She's great.  It's because lately, all I had been hearing was bad news.

But then I looked at the first few words that popped up.

"Mindy, I am very pleased..."

Then I said, "Oh, Shit!"

All right, I'll back up a bit.

About a month or so ago, my agent had told me that Simon Pulse was looking for a writer for a new survival series they were developing, and could I write about 30 pages and a synopsis about teenagers having to survive in a difficult situation, something like Vertical Limit or that story about the guy who gets stuck in a canyon and has to cut his own arm off.

I could make up whatever I wanted.

So I did.

And it was fun to write.  Really fun.  I immediately liked the characters.  I even let Matt read it.

Matt said, "Hey, it's good!"

That means it's good.

Then I sent it to my agent and she really liked it, too.  Then she sent it on to Simon & Schuster.

Then I didn't hear anything for a few weeks.

But it turns out they loved it.

And they are going to publish it.  Next fall.

And last week I got to speak on the phone with my new editor, Nicole, and she was absolutely nice and wonderful.

But I don't have it written yet.  I only had thirty pages.

No problem.

So now I have a book contract and a deadline and it is almost a weird anti-climatic feeling I have been walking around with.  I have a 2 book deal with a major publisher.

That is something I have been wanting to say for a very long time.

I've been thinking about it for years.

Planning.  Practicing.  Doing the things I needed to do.  Getting my hopes up.  Getting disappointed.  Going back and starting over.

I think that was the trick.

Just keep going.  Eventually, you'll get somewhere.

But then you find that it wasn't a destination, it was just another door, one I'm very happy to walk through.

And now I'm going to get back to work...


Tez Miller said...

So happy for you, lass! And for me, because I'll be able to buy and read ;-)

Mindy said...

I know! I'll send you a signed copy, Tez! All the way to Melbourne

Tez Miller said...

If it's World English Rights, chances are it may be published by S&S down here, too :-)