You can know anything. It's all there. You just have to find it.

-Neil Gaiman


Monday, September 24, 2012

And then my brain exploded

Conversation with Sena this morning as we are driving:

Sena: It's dark out!  Dark!

Me: Yep, but the sun is coming up.  See it is lighter over there.  See the blue?

Sena: Where is the sun?

Me: It's coming up soon.

Sena: Why?

Me: Because it's morning.

Sena: But it's dark!

Me: Yes, but soon it will be light.  Because the sun is coming up.

Sena: Why?

Me: Because that's what the sun does in the morning.

Sena: Why?

Me: Because the sun rises in the morning and sets at night.

Me (muttering): Actually, I think that is an optical illusion.

Sena: But it's dark!

Me: Yes, it is dark later and gets dark earlier now.

Sena: Why?

Me: Because the seasons are changing, and uh, I think it has something to do with latitude, uh, because, uh, we live further north.

Sena: Why?

Me (to myself): Is it further or farther? I can never figure that out.
Me: Uh, because the earth is round and uh, it's spinning and stuff.

Sena: Why?

Me: We spin and then it makes uh, gravity, I think, and everything is moving toward a state of, uh, entropy and falling apart.

I can feel myself slide into a state of entropy and I concentrate on staying away from the shithead in the black BMW who is swerving in between cars because he is SUPER IMPORTANT and must PASS EVERYONE because he's SUPER IMPORTANT!

Me: Shithead! Fartlick! Buttwipe!

Sena: What are you saying?

Me: Nothing.  I was talking to that other car.

Sena: Why?

Me: Because he was driving like a dillhole.

Sena: Why?

Me (resorting to something my mom used to say): Because Jesus made him that way.

Sena: Oh.

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