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-Neil Gaiman


Friday, August 10, 2012


Dear Sena,

Last Wednesday you turned 33 months old - an auspicious age.  It's hard to believe you are that old, and hard to believe the summer is almost over.

This fall you will start school (a 2-hour school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which to me, sounds like plenty of school!)  And I'm betting you will like it.  You love to draw and color and read and lately you are obsessed with a few things.

1. Robots

2. SpongeBob

3. Your pink tutu

4. My Little Ponies

You love to wear your tutu (Thanks, Grandma!) and you love your new Ironman doll robot.  Unfortunately, Ironman doll does not speak with the voice of Robert Downey Jr., but then again it's never to early to learn that you can't always get everything you want.

Unless you ask your Daddy, who probably will give you whatever you want.  Including robot dolls with RPG launchers.

Because every little girl needs a rocket-propelled grenade.

At least, I've always thought so.

You also love SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Mr. Crabs, and Gary.  I don't really have an explanation for why I let you watch that show, other than I must be a horrible parent.

And SpongeBob is so unabashedly stupid, it's funny.

Apparently watching too much SpongeBob causes brain damage.

But then, I watched my share of total crap TV and I turned out fine.

Sort of.

Other things: you still love cheese and yesterday when I gave you a piece, you said, "Oh!  Thank you, Momma!"

For the most part Sena you are easy to please.  Especially if cookies are involved.

You newest thing you like to do is playing the drums.  You pull out Tupperware and pencils and start drumming.  You also like to dance around and stand on one foot and ask me, "Can you do this?"  Then you jump around in your tutu and ask, "Can you do THIS?"

Yep, Sena I can do that.

Pretty soon you will be even bigger and be able to do even more things.

But you will always be my little baby.

I love you Sena.


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