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-Neil Gaiman


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

17 months

Dear Baby Sena,

I guess I shouldn't call you that anymore.  Baby, that is.  I guess you are toddler Sena but that just doesn't have the same ring to it, does it?

So....  Last Friday you turned 17 months old.  And now that it is finally spring time, here are the things you like to do.

1. Play outside
2. Play outside
3. Play outside

Can you see the pattern here?  You love being outside.  You love it so much that when I try to bring you in to eat lunch, dinner, nap, bedtime, any reason at all, you pretty much have an apeshit fit.  Apeshit fit.  That is a good name for it.  Flailing of arms and legs, arching of back, shaking your head as if you would like to detach it from the rest of your body.  And the screaming.  Oh, the screaming and sobbing and tears and boogers.  Then collapsing on the floor to bury your face into the rug.  To wipe more snot on it.

If you have any poo, I'm sure you would fling it.

I think I see an acting class in your future, Baby Sena.

So to make matters worse, you now have a new tricycle, given to us by the neighbors with a gleam in their eyes as they pass their plastic kiddie toys from their garage to ours.  Hooray!

You love that tricycle.  Even though your feet don't reach the ground and you can't reach the pedals yet, you've already figured out how to climb on, rock back and forth and say, "Rrrrrrrreeeerrrrrrrvvvvvvvv...."

You are growing so fast I bet by the end of summer you'll be popping wheelies.

You also have figured out how to run.  Which means you started to have experience falling.  On cement.  This morning when I got you dressed I saw two radish red burns on your chubby knees.  Your very first scrapes!  I was so proud.  I will have to get you some special bandaids.  I hope you like SpongeBob.

I love you.


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