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-Neil Gaiman


Monday, June 14, 2010

7 months

Dear Baby Sena,

Last Tuesday you turned seven months old. And last Tuesday your newest cousin Henry was born. Here is a picture of 5 day old Henry.

Henry weighed in at 7 lbs. 13 oz. yet I could not get over how tiny he seemed.

Then I could not get over that you had ever been that small. When you were born you were only 6 lbs. 5 oz. Little!

Remember this picture? Probably not because you were 1 day old.

And here you were only a few days old.

It's just so hard to believe you were so teeny. And a little skinny. When your big cousin Jack examined you for the first time he said, "She has chicken feet!"

You did have skinny little chicken feet, Baby Sena.

But you're not so skinny anymore. You have delicious chubby arms and cheeks. Fat little thunder thighs. Everytime I see you I want to gobble you up. When I chew on your cheek and neck you like to scream and squeal. You are also getting a lot more active. Even though you haven't rolled over at all I know you could if you wanted. For now you are mostly happy just to sit on the floor and grab anything you can reach. You also love to bounce in your jumperoo, another toy to add to our ever growing collection of plastic baby crap that is taking over our house. But I don't mind.

It is just so neat to watch how fast you grow and learn. It's also sad. I've already washed and folded away so many clothes that you'll never wear again. Just the other day I was putting away a few sweaters and pairs of pants that don't fit you anymore and found a tiny flannel sleeper that you wore last winter. And it use to be big on you.

Day by day it is hard to always see the changes. Thankfully I have taken a lot of pictures.

I can see how much you've grown in the past seven months, and just the other night Matt said, "Won't it be fun when Baby Sena is running around and talking?"

My first thought: No! I don't want her to grow so fast!

But I just can't stop you Baby Sena.

Right now you are sitting on the floor, burbling and babbling and singing, playing with your rattle and your giraffe. You love stuffed animals, Baby Sena. You love the cats. Especially Junebug. But Junebug stays JUST out of your reach. For now. If anything will inspire you to start crawling, it will be to get your chubby hands on that cat. And I know that day is coming, but not today. Not yet.

Junebug is safe for another day.

I love you, Baby Sena.


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Susan said... sweet. Those photos show how fast she has grown and changed in the past 7 months.
So wonderful that you are writing her these letters to remember this time in her life; you're a great Mommy!