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-Neil Gaiman


Friday, May 21, 2010

Lush Life

One of my favorite daily routines when I'm at home is taking Sena for a walk in her stroller. I found a used BOB jogging stroller on eBay last year and snapped it up. I must say, they are well worth the money (if you don't pay full price for it). While I can do some running with her in it, it is somewhat awkward to push and run at the same time. Or, I should say, I'm somewhat awkward trying to do it. I'm still not in my running shape, but I just started my P90X training on Monday and I hope to be back in shape by the start of summer. That is another post entirely...I have a half-marathon race on June 6 that I signed up for last fall, stupidly thinking, "Oh, I'll be ready by then."

Yeah, stupid.

I'm not ready. But I want my overpriced T-shirt so I plan to show up and see what I can manage. I heard they are giving away free beer at the end; an incentive to actually finish the entire race.

But back to the BOB. It wheels over bumps and divots like a champ and keeps the ride somewhat smooth for Sena. She almost always falls asleep in it.

There is a certain route I like to take around the lake that brings me up the same street I live on, except that it is south of the creek. There are several houses in the neighborhood where there are more than a few crazy gardeners. Crazy in that they go full bore from late April to late October doing their yard up. Some of them belong in magazines. These are my kind of people.

If I had a porn stash, it would be pictures of people's gardens. I drool over the arbors and flag stone patios. Peonies the size of softballs. Perfectly manicured, emerald green lawns that no crabgrass or dandelion dare set foot in. Window boxes stuffed full and practically vomiting supertunias, impatiens, and geraniums.

So yesterday, as I was walking up the hill to the last house on the corner something really caught my eye. I had to take a picture, and luckily I had my phone on me.

These beauties were dancing and bopping in the wind so I stood there for several minutes trying to get the right shot. I was so consumed with them that I didn't care if anyone was watching me. Maybe the person who planted them was watching me... I'm sure they understood. And maybe they were a little bit proud. If someone stopped in front of my house and did that I would be thrilled. I'd probably be so happy that I'd run outside in my bathrobe and yell, "Doesn't my garden totally kick ass?"

Yes, yes it does.

Here's also a recent picture of the little chublet...even prettier than the poppies, in my opinion.

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