You can know anything. It's all there. You just have to find it.

-Neil Gaiman


Thursday, May 27, 2010


I was just looking through some files and found an old sketchbook of mine. I was looking for a date on it, sometimes I used to date my pictures as if I were a famous artist. At least I started doing that when my grandmother told me that's what artists do. They sign and date their work.

So this was before that. I was probably eight or nine and it's easy to see what I had been interested in at that age. Several specific things:

My Little Ponies



Yes, Popples! Do you remember those? I didn't. Not until I saw this picture.

It looks like a bastard child of a kangaroo and a Care Bear. Plus a dog/and or sewer rat. They had little pouches that you could stuff their body into. Why? Hell if I know.

I think there may have even been a Popple cartoon show.

Now they have brought back Care Bears and My Little Ponies, so I think they should resurrect the Popple. Remember, if you see them in stores it was my idea. MY IDEA!

Here are some more doodles. This one is actually so good I was impressed with my younger self. I recently heard that a Picasso doodle went for a few million bucks. At $19.95 this one's a bargain.

I drew horses SO much that I can still draw them in my sleep. I think I have every line and curve of that animal burned into my drawing hand. Like riding a bike. Once you learn you don't forget.

Enjoy the scribbles!

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Susan said...

Now aren't you glad that I saved all your stuff from your childhood. Sometimes its good to not throw stuff in the trash. Loved the last drawing...amazing