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-Neil Gaiman


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Baby Moo's Nursery

Here are some pictures. For the most part it is done, or I should say, it will do for now. I like how the tree mural turned out; I may add more art work on the walls/closet if I feel the motivation.

I'm not sure what the color scheme is here. Hodgepodge? Is that a scheme? I kept the walls the color I had them before; pale silver blue. I repainted the dresser white and tan. The rocking chair is dark sage green. The crib bedding was a gift from my mom, and the crib is actually the one I slept in as a baby.

We decided to leave the full-sized bed in the room (pushed up against the wall). I imagine for the first few months I will be sleeping in the bed or possibly in the chair, so it made sense to use to leave it in the room even though it makes things a little more crowded. It also provides a good spot for all the stuffed animals. The three framed pictures above the bed are original illustrations from my book. The panda bear has been mine since I was eight years old. And the Raggedy Ann doll is even older. That I got as a present for my first birthday. She looks pretty good for her age!


Susan said...

Everything looks so cute! Baby Sena will love her
nursery. And are definitely ready for her to come into this world. I am happily awaiting
my granddaughters' arrival and can wait to meet
her. Mom

Happy Mom said...

Looks great. You have an award at my site.