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-Neil Gaiman


Thursday, September 10, 2009

31 weeks

31 weeks and counting... only 9 more to go, unless baby decides she wants to show up early, which, with the way she is constantly kicking and punching me, it sounds like that could be a real possibility.

I keep telling her to "Stay in there, baby!" but she probably won't listen. Another sign she is related to me.

So we have had a flurry of activity getting everything ready. The floor guys came yesterday and now I have a brand-new (looking) shiny oak floors in the bedroom. We ordered our rocker/recliner on Labor Day and will be picking that up on Sunday. Plus, I have approximately 1,000 diapers.

What else am I missing?

Oh yeah, the will.

You know, the will that everyone is supposed to have. I asked Matt, "Do we need a will?"
"I don't know. Do we?"
"Probably. We own stuff. Plus, who will get the baby."
"Mmmmmm....yeeeeeeaaaah," was his reply. Which translates to, "Yes, I'll get right on that. In about eighteen years."

I mean why would he spend time thinking about something important like a will when he is compiling his ultimate fantasy football team. That takes a lot of time and energy, you know.

Then he says, "I think we need to move."
"To where."
"Either southwest Minneapolis or Edina."
I snort, "Yeah, that's where most people want to live. If you can afford to."
Now, I wouldn't mind living in either of those places. But EVERYONE does want to live there. Because it is NICE. Edina has the best school district, hence the reason to move.
"Minneapolis schools suck," said Matt.
"They're that bad?"
"Yep. Baby Girl isn't going to go there."

So now I have that to chew on. As if I don't really have enough to think about already. Because right now is a really good time to buy a house. It's just not a good time to sell one. Plus, all the work I've done on my little house has made me quite attached to it. Especially the yard. Oh the garden...eight years in the making and it is starting to take off. The hydrangeas, the lilacs, the apple tree. I take great pleasure in seeing what I've created over the years and I kind of want to stick around to see how it turns out.

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Christina E. Rodriguez said...

I thought MN had "Open Schools" or something, so you could send your kid anywhere you wanted regardless of where you live? Maybe?