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-Neil Gaiman


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

X me....

I recently started a new workout program. Just like the rest of the New Year's resolution crew, I have taken it upon myself to use the beginning of 2009 to jump start my fitness routine.

Because the month of January is dark, cruel, and bitter (at least in Minnesota it is) I thought it appropriate to do a routine that is also punishingly cruel.

It's called P90X.

P stands for Power. Although the first couple programs I did I could swear it stood for Puke. Or Perdition.

The 90 stands for the length of the program. 90 days.

The X stands for extreme. And I'll tell you what...It is. In spades.

This is probably the toughest workout I've ever done; and I'm including those two hour soccer practices in high school. The ones we had in August and 90 degree heat. This is just as hard, if not harder.

There are actual things in the routines that I CANNOT do. At all.
I've never had that happen before, where I physically could not do something. Except for the splits. I never could do those.

Now this workout routine has 12 different routines, everything from pull-ups and push-ups to Yoga to to Plyometrics to Kenpo karate to a blistering 16 minute video called Ab Ripper X. It's insane.

I love it.

So I've just started on the week 2; basically goes 3 weeks hard with the 4th week as recovery. After the first 3 days of doing this I felt like I had been runover by a bus. I could barely walk up and down stairs. Combing my hair made me want to cry. When I laughed or sneezed my stomach muscles cramped up so badly that I almost couldn't breathe. A filthily worded knock-knock joke could have killed me.

But now, by week 2 there is no more soreness; the human body is quite amazing at adaption, that I've learned.

So it will be interesting to see what happens by the end of the 90 days. I'm guessing this increased level of fitness will work wonders on my triathlon results. At the very least I'm looking forward to having a pair of abs that I can grate a block of cheese on.

Here is more information if you have ever wondered if you could handle basic training for the Navy Seals.


Anonymous said...

I love my "The Best of Bodies in Motion" workout video from the early '90s. You get great military-style calisthenics from a former Navy guy, great shots of the beaches in Hawaii, and of course, stuff like this:

Will you take some before and after pictures, too? That video is hilarious.

Melinda Braun said...

I was thinking about it. Maybe I should make my own video will I'm at it. Last night I almost tripped over my cat while doing lunges. She always butting in and wants to do the same thing I'm doing.