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-Neil Gaiman


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Trick or Treat, smell my feet....

Last weekend Matt and I were at the Galleria looking for a birthday present for my sister-in-law. We had just been out with them for dinner and I had asked her what Jack was going to be for Halloween. She had taken him to the Pottery Barn kids store and was telling me about all the cute costumes they had. Jack had tried on the french fry costume but had been gravitating toward the shark costume. Then she looked at the price tag.
"Sixty dollars for this?" She was aghast. "It's made of felt."

That's Pottery Barn for you. Because we were already in the mall Matt wanted to go see the costumes I had told him about.

They WERE stinking cute. I especially liked the hamburger costume. Matt liked the monkey. "Why don't they make them in adult size?" I wondered. "Kids costumes are the best!"

Matt actually wanted to BUY the monkey costume for Jack. "Do you think J.J. will like it?" I tried to explain to him that it was a total ripoff, and that Jack probably wouldn't care if he wore a garbage bag as long as he got a bucket full of candy. I WOULD WEAR A GARBAGE BAG FOR A BUCKET OF CANDY.

Then I saw the robot costume; it was fairly simple but I couldn't believe what they were charging. When I was a kid, if you wanted to be a robot, you spray-painted a cardboard box silver, stuck some buttons and knobs on it, and your feet were covered by shoe boxes. Then you put a metal colander on your head. Presto! Robot.

My mom always spent a lot of time making our costumes, and quite honestly, don't understand how she found the time to do it.

I tend to think that the homemade costumes are the best. The cleverest one I saw was a few years ago when a young girl came to my door wearing a blue sweat shirt and sweat pants and a stocking hat. On her sweat shirt and hat was pinned big gobs of cotton balls.

"Oh my!" I said. "What are you supposed to be?"
She smiled and grabbed a Snickers bar. "I'm partly cloudy!"

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