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-Neil Gaiman


Friday, August 29, 2008

Confederacy of Dunces

As most of you already well know, this weekend in the Twin Cities is going to be a big one. That weird smell in the air is not the odor of catfish carcasses rotting on the banks of the Mississippi in the hot August sun.

It's the stench from the hole in the ground that opened up in St. Paul to let in the creatures from the 10th circle of hell.

That's right, the RNC is in town.

Let the freakshow begin.

This means your drug-dealer will be too busy to return your calls, your "girls" at the massage parlor are completely booked, and old men in Brooks Brothers suits will keep following you into public restrooms and making weird hand and foot gestures.

I myself am excited to see who's going to get hit with a balloon full of pee.

I won't be taking part in any demonstrations, but it's interesting to see the line up of people who are coming in from all parts of the country for this circus.

The anarchists are one group that should make the news. Anarchists are funny. They are supposed to be against rules. It's supposed to be about chaos, right? Yet they dress the same and act the same...there is a surprising number of rules to follow to be an anarchist, according to their website. Go figure.

But at least the anarchists don't have any rules about making funny videos.

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