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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More stuff white people like

I ran a 10K last weekend, the very popular Get in Gear run. I hadn't planned on doing it, didn't really want to, but Matt's friend Karl, said, "I'm doing it. You should sign up." Twist my arm. So I signed's what I get for my 30 bucks. A scratchy cotton T-shirt (with a chance to pay more $ to "upgrade" my shirt) weird coupons I won't use, a chip clip that I will use, a energy granola bar thing that I immediately ate when I picked up my race bag, some Aquaphor ointment, and a small box of rice. Rice! Isn't there a worldwide rice shortage? Not at the Get in Gear.

Anyway, they also had some ice cream treats, like a drumstick, so I pick one up for Matt because he is waiting in the car and I thought he would like one. Then I turn around and see Matt rifling through the ice cream case to get more. He apparently saw people eating ice cream in the parking lot and got all excited and helped himself. I told him he was a horrible person for stealing ice cream from the little kiddies. He says, "But it's a Reese's ice cream cone with nuts." Apparently, that makes it fair game.
The race morning was cold, snow on the ground and I debated several times about going. The sun came out and I decided I could handle it. I go over to Minnehaha Park and see THOUSANDS of people. Nobody seems fazed by the weather, though it is 29degrees and windy. Surprisingly, I see Karl. He is wearing shorts, so I make fun of him.

The race goes okay, kind of slow at first because of all the people but we manage to pick up the pace halfway through and finish in an hour.
This brings me to the title - perhaps you've seen this website. It is very funny and for the most part, spot on. I'm thinking to myself as we are running in sleet that only "crazy white people" would do this. I've run a lot of races over the years and noticed that the demographics are probably 90-95% white people. I think that this would be a good post for the site, but as it turns out I think the guy already wrote something about it. Here is something similar about the subject. For the record, I prefer Asics and Saucony to New Balance. So there...

My husband only runs if someone is chasing him.

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